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Meet The Team

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Meet the Nuttalls: Chad, Katy, Caleb & Skylar

Owner/operators of Sea Saba since May 2021, Chad & Katy met while Chad was serving in the US Army, stationed at Fort Richardson, Alaska in 2008. Married in 2010 with two amazing children, Caleb and Skylar. Katy was born and raised in Kotzebue, Alaska, and makes claim (along with the kids) of being the only Alaska Natives on Saba! Chad was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Together, they decided on a more tropical climate and have made Saba their home since purchasing Sea Saba in 2021. 

Chad is in love with Underwater Photography, and Katy makes sure that Chad doesn’t get lost while taking photos. 

Your passion is our passion!
At Sea Saba, we maintain a talented and professional team in order to ensure your dive vacation runs smoothly from beginning to end. Our Management Team and crew and are on hand to guarantee you get the best out of your dive vacation. Our team's credentials are top-notch--but be assured, a love for diving is something we all have in common.

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