Your passion is our passion!  At Sea Saba, we've assembled a talented and professional team in order to ensure your dive vacation runs smoothly from beginning to end. Our all-instructor crew can teach you to dive, help you become a better diver or just enjoy sharing our passion with you.  We've included these brief profiles on this page as updates for our many repeat customers and so that new customers know a bit about us before arriving.  Our team's credentials are top notch--but be assured, the role of being a great dive guide remains a priority.  The faces below include our dive team, office staff and even our popular puppy...we thought you would like to see the faces of those persons you will dive with daily as well as our supporting players.  Sea Saba is a PADI 5-Star Resort, SSI Training Facility as well as a REEF Field Station. Our Training and Courses page provides more insight to our diving philosophy as well as providing loads of information on learning to dive or improving your diving skills.

Meet the Sea Saba Crew

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John Magor & Lynn Costenaro
John & Lynn
Vicky & Aaron - Sea Saba
Vicky & Aaron
Collier and Katya
Jonathon (JP)
Olly & Elisa
Olly & Elisa
Liberty - Sea Saba

John & Lynn

John Magor &  Lynn Costenaro  met while diving in the mid-80's and have made Saba their home since 1989. They continue to dive both on Saba and elsewhere, keeping a fresh perspective on diving and our environment. 

Nearly 35 years ago when spending a winter on St. Kitts, John looked at Saba on the horizon. He'd heard many a tale of Saba's dramatic diving but it wasn't until many years and many dives later that he first stepped foot on Saba. John's thirst for adventure began as a teenager--leaving his London family flat to backpacking trips around West Pakistan, Europe and Northern Africa. With a portable career as a hair stylist he headed to Ottawa, Canada, where he learned to dive and spent long weekends exploring the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence Seaway, Nova Scotia and British Columbia. Warm water trips to Belize, Tobago and the Red Sea resurrected his itch to travel. He boarded a schooner and after stops in the Azores and Spain he settled down for a three-year stint in the Red Sea. 

Next stop was the famed MV Tropicbird in the British Virgin Islands where he met Lynn, who was on a dive trip with friends. A few months later in early 1987, Lynn abandoned her corporate NYC job and a daily commute from Greenwich for a more nomadic lifestyle with John in Sharm El Shiek, Egypt. They donned drysuits for the next stop in Quadra Island, British Columbia but as winter set in they decided Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands sounded more appealing.

Lynn was born and raised in the Midwest of the US. She became an instructor in 1989 just prior to their departure for Saba which was considered one of the last frontiers of the Caribbean at that time. John and Lynn have been managing Sea Saba as minority partners since 1992 and eventually "bought out" Sea Saba's founders, Joan and Lou Bourque in 1997. If it were up to John, he’d be underwater shooting photos all day but more often than not you’ll find him behind the scenes keeping the boats, vehicles, compressors and other operational necessities in order. And now that he has a new workshop, John has a new hobby--ask to see one of his hand-crafted knives or just check out

Lynn is normally in the Windwardside office helping to make your trip special from the point of first contact until after you arrive home. Lynn is also a founder (along with Johanna of Juliana's) of the annual Sea & Learn on Saba program. For more insight about John and Lynn and how their passion for nature effects Sea Saba, check out Emerald Planet Images and Sea & Learn on Saba.

Diving Saba since 1989

Lynn makes sure your trip goes smoothly; John keeps everything running.

Tennis fanatics, photographer, knife maker, Liberty's master.

Diving Saba since 2011

Aaron knows our muck dive like no other; while Vicky's forte is the super macro.


Chairman of local chapter of Longhorns Fan Club and  Germany's World Cup Team

Vicky & Aaron

Vicky was on a career path as a dancer in Germany when she paused to pursue her life list.  First on the list was scuba diving so she headed with friends to take the plunge in Egypt.  Immediate love for the sport hijacked the pursuit of the arts and found her back in the Middle East just a few months later to take on an internship where she trained to the level of Divemaster.  This successful quest led to an employment contract and her dream to dive daily in the Red Sea. 


After seasonal divemaster work in both Greece and Mallorca, she completed her instructor training and next headed to the Caribbean, landing in Cozumel, Mexico where she met our good ol’ fashioned Southern boy, Aaron.   Born and raised in Texas (as you can probably tell from his ever present Longhorns cap—not to mention the accent!) He's a big football fan but he was a baseball player since tee ball days and eventually went to college on a baseball scholarship. With a degree in accounting, Aaron soon balanced his weekday office life with recreational diving and wake boarding. Once he met Vicky, the twosome remained in Mexico for 2 years leading certified divers through the crazy currents, and introducing new divers to the underwater world, something which still gives them a kick.


Together, they next sought a destination less commercialized where a smaller more personalized dive shop would allow the quality time they enjoy with diving guests.  On their dry days they enjoy hiking,poker night (yes, tourists can join in) playing with their pet cat (ask Vicky how she likes being a ‘kitty mama’!) or swapping stories at Swinging Doors.  Aaron continues his hunt for the perfect hot sauce to go with Vicky’s cooking, but if you happen to bring a bottle of Mrs Renfro’s you may just make his day.

Diving on Saba

What's a great dive crew if it doesn’t have a great ride…

At Sea Saba we believe it is important that our team have only the best equipment to work with!
Check out Sea Saba’s well maintained and uncrowded dive boats here!



Max Kanute traces his roots back to the “Windy City” of Chicago. At 6’6” (2 meters), he shrugged basketball to instead be a competitive and rescue swimmer. Based on the Midwest being “a good place to be from”, by 18 years old, Max headed east to Coastal Carolina University, where he obtained a degree in Marine Science with a focus in Benthic Ecology. In the process, he became scuba certified and the adventure began.  As a Low Country transplant, his summers in the Carolina’s were spent lifeguarding and exploring both wreck and fossil diving off the Carolina coast and rivers looking for Megalodon teeth and other marine fossils. Carolina divers may also recognize Max from his summer gig time at Express Watersports.  During the winter season, he gained research experience in Jamaica as well as coral restoration work in Bonaire. He’s oozing with enthusiasm for our oceans and documenting the marine life at any chance he gets. Max’s other credentials include a USCG 100-ton captain’s license. Look forward to chatting with Max at the helm of Sea Dragon. You will often find him on our boats on his days off as he continues to improve his underwater photography skills,  with particular interest in seagrass meadows. He is also one of the lucky few who have seen both a whale shark and humpback whale here on Saba—both days without his camera in hand!

Collier and Katya

2020 brought Collier and Katya to Sea Saba. While Collier was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Ekatirina Vladimiravna (Ok, Katya for short!) has a more diverse background. She was born in Germany but at the age of 2, her parents moved the family back to their native origins of Belarus, where she lived for six years until they immigrated to the state of Pennsylvania and eventually Oregon in the USA. Collier graduated from the College of Charleston with a business degree but not the immediate urge to utilize it. Off he went to Roatan for a zero-to-hero instructor training plan. He then moved to St. Croix to work as a dive instructor at around the same time Katya also decided to move there on a whim. Paths collided…the Russian harpooned the southern gentleman and they embraced as the hot May sun set and the juvenile eagles rays frolicked in the surf. They both worked at SCUBA where they met our former all-star Greg.  A highlight of that experience was sailing the Caribbean with friends where they saw Saba from afar not knowing it would be the next stop on their journey. Collier’s patience combined with his macro intrigue equates to new and jaded divers happy to hang with him. Meanwhile, Katya’s hospitality background pairs perfectly with Sea Saba’a approach to customer service. Katya’s visual merchandising skills and eye for the latest and coolest keeps our retail shop lookin’ good. Time off plans for these two are easy: Collier is a music aficionado with a partiality toward old school classic rock. Katya loves running, hiking, camping, fishing—anything outdoors!



Wil grew up in Jackson, Mississippi and attended University of Mississippi (Ole Miss). Wil moved to Saba with his fiancé, Camille, to support her dreams of becoming a physician and attending Saba University School of Medicine (SUSOM). Wil now has his Open Water certification and is eager to take advantage of all that Saba and Sea Saba has to offer. Although he is new to diving, he grew up on the water, enjoys fishing, and loves the warm weather. His favorite dive site on Saba is Man O’ War Shoals. He enjoys watching football and rooting for the New Orleans’ Saints, cooking (especially on the barbeque), hanging out with friends, and playing soccer. This southern gentleman is an asset to Sea Saba’s team with his great work ethic and natural service skills. Meanwhile, he’s also perfecting his pizza dough tossing.

Our Southern Gentleman
SUSOM spouse; star of customer service as is his twin @ Longhaul


Jonathon (JP)

Jonathon, or JP, is new to the Caribbean and Sea Saba, but has had a great deal of experience diving. He has spent time working in Malta, Thailand, as well as Mexico, before arriving at our wonderful island. JP was born in France and lived on a goat farm, hence his ability to communicate with our goats, even if it is in a different dialect. When he was 13 years old, leaving les boucs behind, he moved to England, which gives him his wonderfully distinctive accent and added to that interesting personality of his. JP tried the university track with an interest in psychology, but decided it wasn’t for him, following instead his passion for the sea and for diving. In 2016, facing some apprehension about deep water diving, JP came to the conclusion that he was going to become an open water diver and grabbing the ram by the horns, he took the plunge. 2017 saw JP become a

dive instructor and the rest is history. When JP is not recreationally diving, he enjoys the occasional technical and cave dive. You can also find him hiking among the glorious varieties of flora our island has to offer. His interest in nature is evident in the array of plants he has grown, thanks to a very green thumb. His delightfully rich background and his interests make for one well- rounded individual. To say he is unique, would be a great understatement. We are delighted that he found us.

Perfect Blend of French and British
a foodie with a healthy twist



Adding to our melting pot of instructors from around the globe, Kevin comes to us from France. He attributes his love of water to his father, who spent time in the French Navy, but also the famed national hero, Jacques Cousteau. we think he has sea water in his veins. Kevin just loves to dive!  Three or four times per day, no problem…and on his day off, he’s often volunteering for the Saba Conservations Foundation. He also loves to introduce new dives to diving as he adores the trust it creates with a student. And if he’s not underwater, his next favorite past time is to talk about diving and his film work.  His last ports of call were Down Under and the Ring of Fire areas of Australia and Indonesia. Look forward to being guided, taught, or simply chatting with this passionate ocean lover. Kevin spends most of his evenings editing his work and creating mini documentaries and shorts which are part of Sea Saba’s social media programs.

Video is his passion
fluent in French, English, Portuguese and Spanish


Olly & Elisa

This dynamic duo may have obvious differences (height), but their knack for broken legs and love for diving is not one of them. Olly started diving as a kid in England and first came to Saba as a brand new dive instructor back in November 2012. He worked at Sea Saba for almost three years. During that time, he met Elisa. Elisa, a German native, has a graphic design background and experience working in sales. Her hiatus to go globetrotting the world eventually placed her on Saba. She discovered diving and quickly worked her way up to becoming a dive instructor. In 2015, the couple decided to leave Saba and return to the UK for “real jobs”. Their mutual people  skills were a natural fit for sales positions with Bacardi and BMW and Red Hat. After a job fair and some soul searching, Olly realized that what he liked most in a job was the position he had with Sea Saba. Together, the two decided to return to Sea Saba as dive instructors, with Olly working closely with John in addition to his captain, teaching and guiding responsibilities. Meanwhile, Elisa became certified as an NASM personal trainer.  In their spare time, Olly enjoys motorcycles and classic rock n’ roll while Elisa loves Christmas, cooking, and working out.



Emily grew up in Wisconsin and is a proud “cheesehead” (Go Pack Go!). She obtained her bachelor’s degree in marine biology from Wisconsin Lutheran College. In 2017, she traveled to England and the Philippines to complete her MSc by research in environmental science from Lancaster University. Due to her passion for conservation and travel, Emily came to Saba to help organize the Sea & Learn program. In addition to Sea & Learn, she is gaining experience in the dive shop office. You won’t just see her smiling face behind our counter, she spends her days off either on our boats or volunteering for the Saba Conservation Foundation or ticking off the list of Saba’s hiking trails. 



Liberty  - Was rescued on the 4th of July with his brothers Freedom, Justice and Spirit.  John and Lynn were introduced to him when he was just 5 weeks old.  A paperwork mishap at the Miami airport translated to being stuck until another vet visit and paperwork from the FDA could be obtained…enough time for training and bonding…only to get turned away again by airport officials.  Having lost dear Seneca just months prior, they couldn’t imagine an empty house for the required 4 more months.  Caroline came to the rescue and volunteered to mule this boy south.  Thinking outside the box, Libs joined Caroline on a little diving detour starting in St. Croix, USVI, an acceptable route to authorities for a puppy.  After a dive or two and a few new hearts captured, this twosome flew on a small aircraft to Statia where by strange coincidence the Sea Saba crew happened to be diving a wreck while throwing a going away party from Giant Stride, conveniently available to transport Sir Liberty to his new home, under the shadow of darkness.  Three kittens, the same age (Moet, Chandon and Foster) greeted Liberty upon arrival—one with a kiss, one with a hiss and one with a snuggle.

Two of our favorite return clients, The Harlam’s went to efforts to help us find this lucky new addition.

Stealing hearts since 2015. 

loves walks in the forest, swimming either cove, and tenderloin raw cuts. 

Bark is worse than bite.

Lambert Hassell Road #10

Windwardside, Saba

Dutch Caribbean

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