Our Reefs are protected.

The Saba Marine Park...
Caribbean scuba diving at its best... diversity ranges from sloping reefs to walls, pinnacles and seamounts

April 1, 2021 update: Saba is re-opening May 1, 2021!!!

Saba can proudly state we have the highest percentage of vaccinated residents in the Caribbean and perhaps worldwide. Be confident to make your plans for Saba—safe, clean and green your Caribbean dream. 

We’re vaccinated and hope you will soon be, too!  Let the goal of getting to Saba be another motivation to get your shots.

Official press release coming soon with entry protocol from the Island Government.

Email us for any further details, concerns and reservations.

Diving on Saba

Saba's Best Boats

Only Sea Saba Advanced Dive Center offers 40' uncrowded boats for your comfort and convenience.  Read more...

Diving Saba

Saba offers rainforest hiking and a charming village atmosphere.  Read more...

More than just a great Caribbean dive destination...

Diving Saba

Where to stay on Saba in the Dutch Caribbean

It's not just about the diving... let us help you choose the place that's right for you. Read more...


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Lambert Hassell Road #10

Windwardside, Saba

Dutch Caribbean

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