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Far from your usual Caribbean Dive shop, we have large uncrowded boats, fantastic guides, and an unmatched service

Explore our Dive Center and Fort Bay Harbor with our V.R. tour!

Familiarize yourself with Saba's one and only port with a virtual reality tour of Fort Bay Harbor! With multiple 360 immersive views and useful info points, you’ll get to know the area before you arrive. You can also take a stroll down the road to Tent Reef Beach!

Saba's Pinnacle Dives

So, you’re a diver, and visiting the island of Saba in the Dutch Caribbean isn’t on your bucket list? Well, it should be!

Since 1985 Sea Saba has been introducing intrepid divers from all corners of the globe to the beautiful island of Saba, and its spectacular dive sites! With an expert dive team, great training programs, and well-maintained spacious boats, we aim to ensure you get the best out of your trip to Saba. We can’t wait to have fun with you on the Unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean!

Still not convinced that Saba is for you? Check out DAN's write-up about the island of Saba!

Sab Dive Site Map

For a five-square-mile Island, there sure are a lot of Dive sites!

Established in 1987, The Saba National Marine Park together with the Saba Conservation Foundation has maintained moorings and preserved marine life within Saba’s coastal waters. You’ll have a choice of 30+ varied dive sites, ranging from easy dive sites for the novices amongst you, and more challenging dives for the more advanced. All of our dive sites are only accessible by boat, but most are only a short boat ride from Fort Bay Harbor with the added bonus of spectacular island views!

It’s not all dive, dive, dive!

A National Land Park has also been established, making hiking on Saba a must! The island has many different trails ranging from relaxed coastal tide pool strolls to the more challenging climb of the many steps through a rainforest to the summit of Mount Scenery, at 2,910 ft (887 m) the highest point in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. You can relax afterwards at your choice of accommodation, or enjoy some island time with the friendly locals at one of the many great bars and restaurants Saba has to offer…

Hiking on Saba
Well's Bay Saba sunset cruise.

Saba Sunset Cruise

Well's Bay really takes on a new life during the golden hour... Enjoy our sunset cruise with friends or family!

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