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Dive H.Q.

The Sea Saba Difference...

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Trip Advisor Travelers' Choice Winner 2022

We recognize that choosing the right dive shop is key to an excellent dive experience. Keep reading to learn what "Dive the Sea Saba Difference" means to us.

Our status makes a difference
As the only PADI 5-Star Resort on Saba, our commitment to professionalism and adherence to the highest standards in the industry is a given. Diving is our passion; let us share it with you.

Dive Safety
Safety is our number 1 priority. Our safety culture influences everything that we do. A maximum of 8 divers to a guide is one of the ways we put diver safety first!

Dive Saba on a snorkel tour.

Dive Freedom
We recognize the needs of experienced divers. Most of our guests find diving with our guides a pleasure. They know that they have the knowledge and experience to while never being overbearing or condescending.  However, if you prefer to dive as a buddy team and do your own thing or take an entire dive to photograph a Redlip Blenny, we'll give you that freedom provided you follow our basic safety guidelines. Fair?  We think so.  We'll neither make you play "follow the leader" nor will we make you come up from a shallow dive to fit someone else's schedule. If you're a novice diver, our experienced instructors will make you more comfortable so that you can experience all the underwater magic of the Saba Marine Park.

Daily Routine
Enjoy a leisurely breakfast. We don't believe in rushing the day. Our taxi starts picking up guests at 8:30 a.m. to bring you to the Harbor. Fort Bay, Saba's only harbor, is a commercial port. Occasionally the boat needs to come back in between the first two dives, but we prefer to share Saba's miracle of nature at a calm area where you can gaze at seabirds in the cliffs, snorkel, or chat with the crew and other divers during our ample surface interval.  Our boats return to the harbor by about 1:00 p.m. We offer a daily afternoon dive; no minimums are required. If you are only doing the afternoon dive, the taxi starts pickup at 12:30 p.m. We also offer night dives any day of the week except Tuesday's. Minimum of 4 divers. Pickup time for night dives begins 45 minute before sunset.

Saba Caribbean Diving

The Best of the Saba Marine Park
Simply stated, we'll take you to a grander variety of sites in the marine park, doing our utmost to be certain you don't repeat a dive site unless it is your preference. Our vessels are fuel-efficient so it's never a matter of saving on fuel or what's easiest for us.  One of Saba's tourism attractions is that there is a wide range of sites without the need for long boat rides. Our boats are just the right size so that we are not restricted by mooring usage but are large enough to handle almost any conditions.  And for those who really want something different, ask about Sea Saba's 'muck dives. Be sure to check our clickable dive site map which provides detailed descriptions of each site, a photo, and in some cases, a video. 

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