Saba' Dive Sites - The Eye of the needle.

Saba Dive Sites

Simply stated, we'll take you to a grander variety of Saba dive sites in the marine park, doing our utmost to be certain you don't repeat a dive site unless it is your preference. Our vessels are fuel efficient so it's never a matter of saving on fuel or what's easiest for us.  One of Saba's attractions is that there is a wide range of sites without the need for long boat rides. Our boats are just the right size, so that we are not restricted by mooring usage but are large enough to handle most any conditions. When conditions permit, know that our experienced crew will be ready to show you as much variety as possible. 
Explore Saba's Coastline and click on the numbered balloons below for in-depth info on Saba's dive sites!


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Not your first dive around the rock?

If you’ve dove our shores before and would just like to revisit your favorite dive sites - you can click on the links below to view videos and detailed information.

5 reasons to SCUBA Dive Saba
Divers travel from all corners of the earth to experience The Saba Marine Park's 30 protected dive sites...all within minutes from our harbor.  You can expect to dive with interesting critters, large fish, turtles, sharks and more. 

1. dramatic drop-offs and walls
2. stunning seamounts
3. plummeting pinnacles
4. healthy, gradual sloping reefs
5. interesting muck diving and coral nursery for citizen scientists

Saba's best dive sites
Diving on Saba

A divers knows a great dive leads to a great appetite...

When all that diving has left you feeling hungry, Saba's eclectic mix of restaurants have something to cater to every palate and pocket.