Saban Cuisine - Restaurants on Saba

In the mood for something Caribbean style? Local creole dishes, West Indian barbeque and fresh seafood are readily available.

Restaurants on Saba just keep getting better. Saba offers tourists and locals good value and menus to please most any pallet. Whether you are in the mood for West Indian barbeque, fine cuisine or just a burger or pizza, there are many options.  Fresh seafood is readily available. Vegetarian or even Vegan? no problem! 

Saba's Restaurants

Every taste accounted for...

The Bottom Saba
Local and Filipino Cuisine. The best take-away pizza's on the island!

Tel: 416-0220

Angelina's Pino Restaurant - The Bottm Saba
Bizzy B Bakery - Windwardside Saba

Bizzy B Bakery
is the buzzing place in Windwardside. Enjoy a traditional European bakery with fresh-baked croissants, breads, pastries and fine coffees throughout the day along with scrumptous, reasonably-priced sandwiches on crusty baguettes or the bread of the day. Located at the new Breadline Plaza.

7 a.m. - 4 p.m. Closed Sundays and holidays

Bottom Bean Cafe
Saba’s contemporary coffee house experience in The Bottom offers freshly brewed bean coffee and specialty teas from around the world. Espresso, cappuccino, latte, flavored coffees, frappuccino, ice coffee, tea, juices, sodas and much more. The menu evolves daily to showcase the finest and freshest ingredients. 

Open Mon-Fri 7 til 5, Saturdays 8-3;
Closed Sundays Free customer wi-fi available!

Bottom Bean Cafe - The Bottom Saba
The Brigadoon Restaurant - Windwardside Saba

The Brigadoon   
One of Saba's more popular eateries, the Brigadoon is housed in an original 19th century Saban home and conveniently located in Windwardside with open air dining overlooking the Caribbean Sea.  Proprietor Tjeerd ("TJ")  offers an extensive menu and signature entrees.  Don't miss Sea Saba's Monday Night presentation--free of charge @ 5:30 p.m. 

Open daily for dinner only .

Chez Bubba Bistro & Bubba's Bottles
Bubba's Bottles is the Caribbean's first and only wine room. Book it for a wine tasting or just ask for a sampling before dinner. Chez Bubba Bistro represents casual but fine el fresco dining.  Chef Simon starts each afternoon by baking fresh Foccacia for his extensive appetizer menu.  The traditional hearty French bistro specialties are ever-evolving but always finished off with an array of delectable desserts which Simon will explain in detail at your table.  Located in Saba's main village of Windwardside.

Wine room opens at 2 p.m.  Dinner service begins at 5:30 p.m.  Until 10 p.m. Wednesdays through Mondays

Chez Bubba Bistro & Bubba's Bottles - Windwarside Saba
The Hideaway - Breadline Plaza - Windwardside Saba

The Hideaway
is tucked in to Breadline Plaza.  A favorite hangout to catch the local gossip, endless drinks and great  local, Caribbean food?

Smoked lionfish dip is a favorite and a burger that you may not finish.  Special events throughout the month include, DJ's on a Friday night, Taco Tuesday, Game Night, Local Day and more!

Opening Hours, Monday-Saturday: 
Lunch: 11:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.
Dinner: 5:30 p.m until 9:00 p.m

Island Flavor
is Saba's fresh take on Caribbean cuisine.  Owner/operator Joanie hails from 'down island'.  Cool out under a deck umbrellas as you sip a fresh lemon breeze and struggle with your decision on her extensive menu.  Her pride and St. Vincent heritage are evident from the charming setting to her delectable dishes.  Open daily for breakfast until 6 p.m. 

Island Flavor Restaurant - The Bottom Saba
Island Flavor Restaurant - The Bottom Saba

Long Haul Grill
Got a hankering for some great American-style bar food?  Look forward to meeting the owner Bastiaan, a worldy Belgian who delights in conversation and pleasing his guests.  Great burgers, pizza, daily specials and a real cross section of patrons.  Indoor seating, a large bar and an expansive deck to watch the world go by.

Happy hours from 4-6 p.m.


Pop's Place 
Grab a cold drink and watch as the boats come in and out of Saba’s busy Fort Bay. Hang out with a local crowd and discuss the latest with fisherman, expats and other tourists.  Now run by a Columbian family, they've opened up the shutters and turned up the tunes. Stay at the harbor for lunch and catch the final dive taxi of the day up while you enjoy the 'local color' of Saba's only harbor. Empanadas  and snacks, and the coldest Heinekens on the island. 

Pop's Place  - Fort Bay Saba
Queen's Garens Resort - Troy Hill Saba

Queen's Gardens Resort
offers casually elegant fine dining in Saba’s upscale Queen’s Gardens Resort. Built at the base of the rainforest with spectacular ocean views it's the place to go for any special meal whether an outrageous breakfast of fresh lobster benedict or the nightly special starting with pasta parmigianno cooked and served fresh at your table.  Not to be missed...the now famous gin and tonic extravaganza performed by mixologist Ducco.  Reservations for the bird's nest are hard to obtain...but any seat under the mango trees next to the wall of extraordinary orchids works...yes, a special place in many aspects.  Oh, and then there's the dining room, decorated with fine Indonesian furnishings.  Let their chef introduce you to a large selection of seafood as well as veal, beef and duck. Not a restaurant, an experience.

Saba Snack
WIndwardside Saba
Tel: +599 416 2391

A great location for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner in the heart of Windwardside. Dine on their covered deck and watch the planet of Saba pass you by... Reasonably  priced with great food Saba Snack is an excellent place to chill before or after your Saba explorations!

Restaurant hours: 8.00 a.m. - 7.30 p.m.
Closed Tuesdays 

Saba Snack - Windwardside Saba
Scout's Place Restaurant Bar - Windwardside Saba

Scout's Place Restaurant, Lounge, Terraces & Bar
Serving breakfast lunch & dinner daily (Sundays, closed for dinner). 

Saba's landmark hotel is now operated by German's Wolfgang and Barbara.  The restaurant is open for 3 meals daily with an extensive menu and the best beer selection (including IPAs, European imports and more).  Hang out with the locals at the bar or request terrace seating for great views and fresh air.  Home of the now famous Sabaoke on Friday nights.

Swinging Doors 
Located in the heart of Windwardside, Swinging Doors is owned and operated by one of Saba’s more colorful characters, Eddie Hassell. Quick with a joke, Eddie always has a Saban tale, the latest gossip or tales of the sea to share. The Doors is now famous for its Tuesday and Friday night barbeques and Steak Night Sundays. Get out of the sun, have an ice cold Heineken.  There's such an extensive wine list, you must order by number:  1 is red; 2 is white. "We don't take credit cards, don't ask for any 'fancy drinks' and don't let the doors hit you in the ass on the way out!

Eddie Hassell - Swing Doors - Windwardside Saba
Tropics Cafe - Windwardside Saba

Tropics Cafe 
is part of Juliana's Hotel. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily (closed after breakfast on Mondays); daily happy hours, TGIF Happy Hour on Fridays and more. Breakfasts can please healthier tastes with fruit and yogurt or ready yourself for a full day of diving with traditional American breakfasts from eggs any style to omelets, Saba Spice pancakes and more. Chefs Tanner and Rodrigo complement each other with a range of pallet pleasing lunch and dinner options from 'green stuff' to assorted burgers, hot and cold sandwiches and daily specials. The ambiance is casual and fun but the food is simply top notch.  Tropics isn't just a hotel restaurant but a place for an all-day hangout whether you are staying there or not. Lounge by the pool, take in the sunset, close down the bar...  Wednesday's Virtual Hike Movie is shown on an outdoor screen; Tom van't Hof, conservationist, and government commissioned founder of the Saba Conservation Foundation narrates this film and takes you on a guided ecological tour of the island. Friday's TGIF is a great apres dive hangout for locals and toursts alike.