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Frequently asked questions


Welcome to your well-deserved getaway! Our aim is to make your journey as smooth as possible by sharing essential tips and local insights about traveling to and from our extraordinary island. This guide is designed to be user-friendly and packed with valuable information to make your stay unforgettable.


Before Traveling to Saba

Packing Tips & Recommendations

For the best travel experience, we strongly recommend watching our 6-minute packing video to ensure you have all your bases covered. Alternatively, you can focus on the following 5 key points to prepare for your trip:

  1. Casual Dining: The atmosphere on Saba is relaxed, and so is the dress code. You'll fit right in with casual attire at dining spots.

  2. Footwear: Pack both comfortable walking/hiking shoes for exploring Saba’s beautiful trails, and flip-flops for those laid-back moments.

  3. Electricity: Our outlets operate on 110v/60Hz, which is the same as the USA. No need for converters if you're coming from the States.

  4. Drinking Water: It's a good idea to check with your accommodation about the safety of drinking tap water.

  5. Sea Saba Retail Shop: Forget something? No worries! Our full retail shop offers high-quality shirts, rash guards, sandals, and much more.

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What to Wear — Above and Below the Water

Wetsuit Thickness

To ensure your underwater comfort, refer to the chart beside this text for temperature ranges. Your wetsuit thickness will depend on the season and your personal comfort level. If in doubt, our dive experts at Sea Saba are always here to guide you.

Evening Attire

Wondering about long sleeves for those chillier island nights? Again, check the adjacent chart for expected temperatures. The evenings can be cooler, and a light jacket or long sleeves are often recommended.

What Will You Encounter Underwater?

The marine life around Saba is as diverse as it is beautiful, making it tough to summarize what you might see on any given dive. For the latest underwater updates, head over to our social media channels where you'll find recent sightings and captivating tales from the 'Unspoiled Queen.'

The Sea Saba Experience: What You Need to Know

For the Photo Enthusiasts

With endless photo opportunities both above and below the sea, you won't want to miss a shot. Be sure to pack:

  • Spare memory cards

  • Extra batteries

  • Chargers

  • Filters

Remember, our island might not have specialized gear you require. So double up on essentials!

Dive Equipment

Your scuba gear is in safe hands with us. You'll get a personalized crate and hangars for your gear, ensuring it's ready on the boat each day. We rinse gear daily and have quality rental options available, featuring Scubapro equipment. Note: We discourage the use of gloves and knives during dives.

Immigration Requirements

A valid passport is essential for entry into St. Maarten and Saba. While Europeans and North Americans don't need visas, other nationalities should check St. Maarten's official airport website for visa information.

Diving Certification: Preparation is Key

First and foremost, don't forget to bring your certification card (commonly known as a "c-card"). To make your arrival smoother, we recommend sending us the details of your c-card before your trip. This allows us ample time to verify your credentials, ensuring there are no delays when you get here.

Travel Insurance: Your Safety Net

We can't stress enough the importance of securing a travel insurance policy before embarking on your trip. While we at Sea Saba strive to provide an unforgettable experience, life's unpredictabilities can still throw a wrench in your plans. Be it a sudden illness, loss of luggage, or travel interruptions, your travel insurance is your go-to for refunds and peace of mind. Please read the fine print carefully to understand the scope of your coverage. Remember, refunds for unexpected hiccups are usually processed through your insurance provider, not by Sea Saba.

Dive Insurance: A Must-Have for Safe Diving

Nobody embarks on a diving vacation expecting to get decompression sickness. The good news? We have a fully functional Hyperbaric Chamber right in the harbor for emergencies. However, treatments can cost several thousand dollars upfront, and most general insurance plans won't cover these expenses. Sea Saba sells short-term Divers Alert Network (DAN) insurance policies. These are specifically designed for divers and offer excellent coverage for treatments like hyperbaric chamber therapy. If you're interested, contact us for more details on how to add this to your dive package.

Winair Weight Restrictions

Be mindful of the weight limits on Windward Island Airways "Winair". You're allowed up to 22kg (50 lbs.), and charges apply for extra weight. Carry-on bags should weigh no more than 3kg (6 lbs.). Since overhead bin space is limited, make sure to pack essentials like medications and a change of clothes in your carry-on, in case your checked luggage is delayed.

Bonus Tip

We ask all divers to fill out a diving history form prior to arrival. Not only is this a safety measure, but it also helps us tailor your diving experience to your comfort level. You'll find a special section on the form for any requests or additional information you think we should know—use it to make your dive days even better!


Arrival and During Your Stay

Arriving divers

Our reservation system allows you to complete all necessary documents before arrival, ensuring a smooth start to your vacation. Bring your c-card on your first dive day. Our taxi pickups begin at 8:30 a.m. for morning dives and 12:30 p.m. for afternoon dives. If you have a mesh bag for your gear, bring it along. We can safely store any additional luggage at our Harbor office. Your gear will remain on the boat and in our possession until your diving trip concludes. Feel free to visit our Harbor office anytime; we're here to assist you with anything you need.


The official currency on Saba is the U.S. dollar. Visa, Mastercard, and Discover are widely accepted, but American Express is less common. For our Dutch guests, Sea Saba accepts Maestro credit cards but does not accept Maestro debit cards. There's one bank on the island and two ATMs, one in Windwardside and another in The Bottom.

Phones, Cellphones, and Internet Access

Most accommodations offer WiFi, though coverage can be spotty due to Saba's mountainous terrain. If you need to be reachable, you're welcome to share Sea Saba's contact information for emergency purposes. Local SIM cards are available for purchase during weekdays.

St. Maarten ("SXM") Airport

Please be aware that Princess Juliana Airport is still recovering from Hurricane Irma. If you're connecting to Saba via Winair or a ferry, additional steps are required. For details, please refer to the extended guidelines provided under this section.

If You Miss Your Flight

If weather conditions cancel flights, the Makana ferry is an alternative option. If you find yourself stuck, contact Sea Saba, and we'll do our best to assist you.

The Real Fun Begins at Saba Airport

For the best views during your landing on Saba, grab a window seat on the plane's right side. Taxis coordinated by your accommodation will meet you at the airport.

Taking the Makana Ferry

If your flight to Saba gets canceled due to weather or other reasons, you can take the Makana Ferry as an alternative. When you arrive at St. Maarten airport, you'll need to collect your luggage and find a taxi in front of the airport. Ask to be taken to Bobby's Marina in Philipsburg, which is the departure point for the Makana Ferry. The check-in building for the Makana is located near the Greenhouse restaurant.

Forgot Something? No Worries!

While our island might not have everything, it has most of what you'll need. The Sea Saba office is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and our Saba Cares Medical Center can handle basic health care and pharmacy needs.

Departure and Beyond

Leaving Saba

Your accommodation will arrange your taxi transfer to the airport or harbor, ensuring a seamless departure. Should you encounter any hiccups along the way, rest assured, we're here to assist you. Note: A $10 per person departure tax is applicable for those leaving Saba by air.

Make the Most of Your Layover

If your connection out of St. Maarten's airport is in the afternoon, don't just sit in the airport! Consider taking a taxi to enjoy a leisurely lunch or explore a nearby beach. Visit Marigot for a taste of French culture or embark on a taxi tour. For those with 4 hours or more, the bustling "town" offers ample opportunities for jewelry and electronics shopping.

Keeping Saba in Your Heart

We love to celebrate your memories with you—feel free to share your photos with us for posting on our social media platforms. Forgot to bring your logbook? No problem, just head to Sea Saba's exclusive online map with dive sites to revisit your underwater adventures.

Your Feedback Matters

We take your feedback to heart, continuously striving to improve our services. If you have any comments or experiences from your trip you'd like to share, please reach out via email. If you had a positive experience and wish to share it with a larger audience, consider leaving a review on platforms like or

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