Sailing to Saba?

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Yachting to Saba Dutch Caribbean

Ahoy Yachties!

Saba is a MUST SEE on your list of island hopping with the best diving in this area of the Caribbean AND a very special topside that offers charming villages, hiking within 7 different climate zones, intriguing art, and  restaurants that rival any other island.

Own a yacht, work on one or want to get away from one?

Let Sea Saba be your liaison---with a little notice we'll be pleased to coordinate diving, taxi tours, dinner reservations, hot glass demonstrations and more.  We are now the agent for The Edge ferry so we can offer even more-inclusive packages.  Email us in advance and we can even forward the forms required by our harbor office, police and customs so that when you come to shore, the process can be quickly accomplished. Saba doesn't feel "touristy" yet we have the amenities to please our guests...just don't expect a fancy marina or other yachting services. You will need to make your way to the harbor with your own dinghy unless you contact us in advance for rendezvous diving services. Please do not attempt to access the island via any shore or perceived beach. Landing a dinghy on shore has proven many times to be treacherous and dangerous--it may not appear this way from the vantage point of your deck but please take note.

Saba's pride is reflected in the sincere hospitality you will feel starting with our friendly taxi driver who will 'take care of you for the day.'

We offer rendezvous diving services on our boats as per our normal schedule of 3 dives each day. You can also charter one of our boats for half or full day charters to dive at your convenience, privately and to the dive sites of your choice. Additionally, we also offer qualified vessels (email Lynn for specifics) to charter our dive staff to dive off your vessel.

The rules of the Saba Marine Park are that all divers must dive through a local dive shop.  As you have probably read, the Saba Marine Park does an outstanding job of protecting this wonderful resource and diving with professionals is just one of the ways to ensure this valuable resource remains for future generations. 

The Saba Marine Park has several specific yellow yacht moorings (yachts 50' or less) set up within the park---2-3 outside the Fort Bay (only harbour on Saba) and 5-6 in the Well's Bay area (between Diamond Rock and Customs House on your chart).  Moorings are available on a first come, first serve basis. There is no reservation system for yacht moorings. The yellow yacht moorings tend to only be full during holiday weeks.  If they are full, you must ask advice for where an anchor is possible or alternative mooring. Like any other port, you must check in with the harbor master or marine park at first possible opportunity.  Both offices are located at the Fort Bay Harbor and both monitor Channel 16 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays. Contact us in advance for weekend and holidays so that we can help you arrange clearance.

For more information on Fort Bay Harbor's facilities and activities you can find lots of helpful information on the official government website:

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