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2. Third Encounter

Mooring depth: 95 feet (30m)
Maximum depth: 110 feet (35m)


Voted “One of the 10 Best Dive Sites” by Sport Diver magazine in July 2008, the award-winning color photo by Mauricio Handler can be purchased exclusively at Sea Saba.  Located at the eastern end of the horseshoe-shaped seamount, this dive can be conducted completely on top of the plateau or with a short trip out into the deep blue to the tip of the "Eye of the Needle" that rises majestically up from the deep to within 90 feet of the surface. It's common to encounter Caribbean Reef Sharks and Yellowtail Snappers along the edge of the outcrops where the plankton-rich water reaches the plateau and schools of shallow reef fish abound. Keep your eyes peeled for our friendly Nassau Grouper “Charlie” as you venture out to The Needle which you will find surrounded by schools of Creole Wrasse and Creole Fish. On the way back to the plateau, explore the seamount for sleeping Nurse Sharks. Be sure to look out into the blue as you make your ascent; more Manta Rays have delighted divers on their safety stop more than once.

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