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16. Hot Springs

Mooring depth: 40 feet (12m)
Maximum depth: 80 feet (24m)


So named because of the hot water springs coming through vents in the sea floor, this dive site is proof positive that Saba's volcano is merely in between periods of eruption, not extinct. Pick a dive here! Head seaward from the mooring and then south over a series of coral heads separated by a sandy bottom. A huge anchor (one of several at this dive site) is a good point to turn inshore and back to the mooring. Alternatively, head seaward and then north for a shallower dive among the coral encrusted boulders before heading back to the mooring. Check out the extremely friendly resident Nurse Shark, Stingrays, Garden Eels hiding in the sand and Turtles grazing in the seagrass next to Flying Gunards.  A favorite site for night dives, crustaceans can always be spotted out dancing in front of their lairs. Other night dive highlights are octopus, sharks on the hunt and Ostracods, tiny crustaceans which create a one of a kind bioluminescence display when they are mating.

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