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14. Ladder Labyrinth

Mooring depth: 40 feet (12m)
Maximum depth: 80 feet (24m)


The labyrinth of 10-foot coral and rock ridges just seaward of the mooring provide numerous nooks and crannies for shrimp, crab, and lobsters while making it clear how this site was named. Heading east the labyrinth gives way to a more organized system of lava flows and sand chutes. Look for healthy populations of Filefish, Chromis, and Schoolmasters. Don't overlook the many sandy alleyways that offer a close-up look at Yellowhead Jawfish, Pikeblennies, or Lancer Dragonets. When returning to the mooring line, warm your hands in the "hot" sulfur-colored sand--evidence of the active status of the volcano that is Saba. Enjoy some time with Tarpons while you do your safety stop!

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