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13. Babylon 

Mooring depth: 45 feet (15m)
Maximum depth: 100 feet (30m)


Home to the "Hanging Gardens of Babylon" (or so Saba's original divemasters thought), check out the cave under one of the many dramatic overhangs for up-close encounters with Glassy Sweepers and Channel Clinging Crabs. These ledges host Deepwater Seafans as you head seaward from the mooring. Cross over several lava flows and sand chutes, looking out to the blue for curious Caribbean Reef Sharks before returning to the mooring and heading towards the shore where the coral-encrusted boulders become larger and more numerous. At Babylon, you can also experience Saba’s famous Hot Sand. Opportunities to see Hawksbill Turtles, Horse-eye Jacks, friendly Nurse Sharks, and Morays are the norm at this site.

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