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12. Porites Point 

Mooring depth: 40 feet (12m)
Maximum depth: 110 feet (35m)


Also known as "Lou's Ladder, this site was named after Lou Bourque, an original owner of Sea Saba (1985) who along with Ed Arnold and Tom van't Hof explored Saba's waters to establish the original dive site moorings. Large Porites coral-encrusted boulders that over time have developed into a continuous reef structure with sandy alleys characterize this dive site. The more common name for some Porites coral found at this spot is Mustardhill Coral or Branching Finger Coral. The deeper area of this site has a dramatic drop-off almost wall-like structure. Many ledges and small crevices provide the perfect hideouts for Spiny Lobster, Spotted Moray Eels, or Burrfish. Look within the sandy areas for Yellowhead Jawfish, Peacock Flounders, and Tigertail Sea Cucumber!

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