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10. Saba Coral Nursery

Mooring depth: 45 feet (14m)
Maximum depth: 60 feet (18m)


Saba’s Coral Nursery was established in 2015. The idea behind coral nurseries is to help create and grow new reefs and to help coral reefs recover from physical damage and climate change-induced coral bleaching. On different types of so-called “trees” (made of bamboo and PVC pipe) coral fragments are hung to grow.  Later, they can be planted back onto the reefs creating new living space for marine life. On a regular basis, the coral trees need to be cleaned and measured, so we happily take our divers out to the nursery to look at and help clean the trees and give back to Mother Nature on one of our afternoon dives. If you are lucky, green turtles, a spotted eagle ray, or southern stingrays may come by. It can be amazing what flies by while you are staying put and cleaning!

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