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Diving into the Future with 'Fin & Tonic' and 'Shark Bait', Sea Saba's New Dive Boats!

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Fin & Tonic and Shark Bait side by side

Meet Sea Saba's Newest Vessels

Dive into new horizons with Sea Saba's latest fleet members, 'Fin & Tonic' and 'Shark Bait'. Hailing from Aventura Boats, these catamarans were purpose-built for diving in the Dominican Republic. Their stability is unmatched, even when the seas do not cooperate.

What sets these new dive boats apart? They boast the first-ever OXE 200 HP diesel outboards on dive boats across the globe. Not only do they effortlessly meet the EPA Tier 3 emissions standards, but they also consume less than half the fuel compared to their gasoline counterparts, all while offering a quieter ride.

Built for Divers

Tailored for diving aficionados, they come equipped with a deep dive ladder, dual side entry doors for giant strides, and an integrated camera table with a built-in rinse bin. And when we say comfort, we mean plenty of shaded spots, dry and secure zones for personal items, onboard music, and provisions for water, Gatorade, and snacks. 'Fin & Tonic' adds a cherry on top with its upper deck, offering breathtaking views of Saba's dramatic coastline.

Top-Notch Services Aboard

Every day, Sea Saba embarks on dive and snorkel adventures, ending with serene sunset cruises to Wells Bay. Our new vessels amplify the diving pleasure, thanks to their advanced features. And even with their augmented capacity, our promise remains - an 8:1 diver-to-guide ratio to ensure personal touch and paramount safety. For peace of mind, the boats house essential safety tools, including onboard oxygen.

Bright Days Ahead for Saba’s Dive Industry

Sea Saba envisions a flourishing era for Saba's dive industry, echoing the vibrancy before Hurricane Irma's passage. Our boat additions are a testament to this optimism, promising state-of-the-art platforms for years to come.

The Uniqueness of Diving in Saba

Saba's dive spots are a smorgasbord - shallow reefs, deep reefs, looming walls, and majestic pinnacles. A protected marine park since 1987, the region teems with sharks, turtles, and a kaleidoscope of marine life.

Dive More, Save More!

Dive buffs, rejoice! Dive more days, and pocket more savings. Enjoy a 10% slash with the 3DAY code for 3+ day dives, or go big with a 15% cut using the 5DAY code for 5+ day adventures.

Reserve Your Dive

Hop on for morning or afternoon dives or bask in the twilight with night dives and sunset sails. Chart your course with us daily. Book now to guarantee your spot on 'Fin & Tonic' or 'Shark Bait'.

Side view of Fin & Tonic and Shark Bait at the pier

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