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"Certified Pure", another Sea Saba Difference

The results of Sea Saba's most recent air analysis demonstrate our commitment to the highest standards of safety and professionalism. Our "Certified Pure" rating from Lawrence Factor, a leader in air quality productions and testing, shows that our air satisfies the guideliines for Oxygen Compatible Air. So what you might say? Read on!

"CO (Carbon Monoxide) Poisoning Risk Higher Than You Think"

This was the featured article in the July 2012 edition of Undercurrent, the dive industry's respected "private, exclusive guide for serious divers since 1975. Click here to read the full story.

The Test #1 column shows the results of our air analysis dated May 15, 2013. The Range column on the far right shows the maximum acceptable limits for Oxygen Compatible Air for each of the analytes measured. An examination of the results clearly shows that Sea Saba's air is not only within the limits, but is significantly cleaner than the standard for each analyte tested.

Air quality is an extremely important safety factor for divers. However, many divers fail to question or investigate the integrity of the air they breathe at depth. Sea Saba is dedicated to your safety and assures you that when you dive with us, you are breathing clean.

Two simple things you can do if a dive center does not have a recent air test: 1) ask to see the dive center's compressor. The compressor should appear clean, have good ventillation in the area and be situated away from any exhaust fumes. 2) cup your hands around the valve of a scuba tank as you open the valve. Take a good whiff--it should have no smell. Any hint of an oil smell is a bad sign

Reprinted with permission from X-Zam Laboratories
X-Zam Laboratories is a division of Lawrence Factor. Lawrence Factor manufactures products for applications in high-pressure purified gases.

Saba's location in the Caribbean

This image contains a breakdown of each item tested during the analysis. For the avid technically minded diver, these results speak for themselves. However, some additional explanation may be helpful for more casual participants in the sport.

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