Sea and Learn Fiels Project - Saba Dutch Caribbean

Throughout October, nature experts from around the globe are on Saba to share their expertise with you. Sea & Learn's slogan is "Enhance Your Environmental Awareness". It's a win/win/win program with a mission to reinforce the value of nature both on Saba and throughout the region and the globe. Join world-renowned scientists and naturalists to understand more about the flora and fauna with nightly presentations and hands on field projects. is loaded with news updates, expert profiles and more.; Just another reason to visit Saba...

Sea & Learn on Saba

Sea & Learn on Saba is a lot of fun!

Whether your reason to visit Saba is hiking, diving or just relaxing, the timing of the daily Sea & Learn events is scheduled to allow visitors and locals alike to enjoy their day on Saba. A "happy hour" setting is provided at different venues so that dinner plans are easily accommodated after the nightly sessions. Field and research project scheduling varies and will be announced in advance.  You can  choose to attend as many or as few events as you like. Some field projects require advance sign up.

Sea & Learn on Saba is a non-profit foundation. The month-long event is sponsored by island and regional businesses. All events are open to the public and free of charge. 

Sea Saba is proud to be a founding sponsor of this event that brings together the local community, Saba's youth and our visiting tourists. See you in October!