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Saba, is perhaps one of the most liberal minded islands in the Caribbean. The multi-national student body and faculty of the Saba University School of Medicine might qualify Saba for the Guiness Book of World Records with having the highest per capital passport holders on the planet. Look forward to an ethnic diverse populous within the friendly local culture--which also translates to excellent food and restaurant options.

And, Saba is not only gay friendly to its tourists but has a local gay and lesbian community.  Unlike some Caribbean destinations, the gay friendly attitude is not a recent marketing ploy; it's just the way it is.  Whether gay or straight, people don't come to Saba to get picked up at a limbo bar or dance the night away.  Saba is chosen for its incredible beauty, peacefulness, fantastic scuba diving and nature walks.  Without the marketing might and advertising dollars of larger destinations, only the few discerning travelers discover this gem.

Saba's title "The Unspoiled Queen" reflects its pristine nature (above and below) and the proud people that keep it this way.  The nickname also makes for a great souvenir license plate...Saba, a step back, but not by any means backward--life the way it used to be yet with the comfort and conveniences you need.

It's easy to organize your own trip by contacting us directly or working with any number of our recommended travel specialists.   If the idea of joining a group diving trip interests you, we have hosted annual trips with both Alyson Adventures, Undersea Expeditions and Gay Scuba Week.

Sea Saba is an IGLTA Member since 2002 and a sponsor of Diving For Life since 2000. 

Diving on Saba

Saba's Best Boats

Only Sea Saba Advanced Dive Center offers 40' uncrowded boats for your comfort and convenience.  Read more...

Diving Saba

Where to stay on Saba

It's not just about the diving... let us help you choose the place that's right for you. Read more...

Diving Saba

More that just a great Caribbean dive destination...

Saba offers rainforest hiking and a charming village atmosphere.  Read more...

Diving Saba

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Travel to Saba from anywhere in the world, Sea Saba has global travel partnerships to get you here! Read more...

Lambert Hassell Road #10

Windwardside, Saba

Dutch Caribbean

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