Nitrox Enriched Air o Saba

Granted, the air that we breathe in Saba is rarefied to begin with, but Sea Saba indeed offers the next step in diver safety: Enriched Air or more commonly referred to nitrox. Nitrox is available to certified nitrox divers. If you are not nitrox certified, read on to learn why it really makes sense to use nitrox on Saba and how easy it is to try nitrox or become certified.

Better with Nitrox
Diving with Nitrox (Enriched Air)

Nitrox unlimited @ only $59
 Sea Saba offers two ways to become nitrox certified as well as a one-day "Dive Today" option. See our Training & Courses page of this site for full descriptions and explanations of the differences and pricing for each course. PADI's Enriched Air/Nitrox course has been streamlined to accommodate today's diving style of utilizing dive computers. Spend some time with the step-by-step PADI manual and DVD, and you can become nitrox certified normally with just one easy unobtrusive afternoon session without forfeiting any dives (or dinner plans!). Another option is to e-learn before arrival. 


So what’s the big deal about Nitrox and using it on Saba? Well for starters...

Greatly increased safety margins with faster off-gassing and less nitrogen absorption.

Extended bottom times at both our pinnacles and shallower dive sites*.

Less fatigue translates to more energy during and after your dives.

Dive Nitrox, dive safer...
Nitrox is not new to the diving industry. In fact, it has been used in commercial applications since the early 1900's. The widespread acceptance in recreational diving was only accepted once many myths were dispelled:

Dispelling myths about nitrox

Sea Saba has been offering nitrox since 2001.  Nuvair's' patented nitrox hollow fiber permeable membrane system produces safe, reliable nitrox breathing gases without the dangers of oxygen blending systems.

So if your interested in increased diving safety or more bottom time, let us know --- we're here to help you decide whether it's right for you and train you in its proper use.  Take advantage of the lowest pre-booked nitrox: unlimited use for only $59 per person!

Why 32%? Diver's Alert Network ("DAN") in Raleigh, North Carolina and the recreational scuba community generally recommends a maximum oxygen partial pressure of 1.4 ATA. In line with this recommendations Sea Saba continues to offer 32% mix for all its dives.  This also allows for a 'best mix' scenario whether diving Saba's famous pinnacles at 110ft (32m) or a shallower choice.  The mix allows us to maximize our extended bottom times, while  minimizing our exposure to nitrogen and oxygen loading and DCS risk--as well as having the flexibility to change dive site plans if conditions so dictate.

Sea Saba... better with nitrox
*Sea Saba policy...If you wish to extend bottom times with nitrox usage, you must have a nitrox computer and demonstrate your understanding of it.  We recommend diving nitrox on an air profile for added safety benefits.