Fort Bay Saba

Jauncho Yrausquin Airport, located at Flat Point on Saba, boasts the world's shortest international runway at around 1300 feet (400 meters). One of the highlights of your Saban adventure is sure to be the hair-raising landing and takeoff aboard the Dehavilland Twin Otter STOL aircraft that provide air service to Saba. Not to worry though... Saba and Winair are celebrating nearly 50 years of accident-free flight service to Saba's Airport.

Winair fares can vary dramatically depending on where and how you book and your travel day. The "last flight to Saba (approx 5 p.m., depending on the time of year) on Saturday, is normally the highest price Winar ticket compared to off peak, weekday travel in the middle of the day. We suggest you first look at booking the Saba portion of your trip with the carrier ticketing your flight in to St. Maarten. This should be the most economical form of ticketing and depending upon the carrier, can translate to no excess baggage and "in transit" treatment at the St. Maarten airport. Winair is now in alliance with USAir, Air France and KLM so ticketing is easier, at least in theory. Travelocity, Expedia and Orbitx can and other on line eticketing websites can all book flights to Saba; however, prices may be as high as $180 due to surcharges, mailing costs, etc. If you are traveling "on mileage" and therefore unable to ticket through to Saba, we are finding best fares found by booking on-line with Winair and e-ticketing directly from their website. Be sure to provide all travelers names as stated on their passports, exact itinerary for your 'bigger flight' in and out of St. Maarten, and your desired travel time to Saba.
Winair twin OtterSaba's airport code is SAB whereas St. Maarten's Princess Juliana Airport has an airport code of SXM. We've included both Saba's and St. Maarten's airport codes since some online services don't recognize SAB. You'll sometimes find lower fares by breaking your trip into a seperate SXM-SAB roundtrip segment. For example, assume you're coming to Saba from Newark, NJ (EWR). Search for seperate EWR-SXM and SXM-SAB roundtrips rather than a single EWR-SAB roundtrip. You might be surprised by the results and be able to spend more of your dollars on Saba rather than in the air. So, shop smart!

Winair Landing at 12 Saba AirstripEven in this internet age, you may find you are more comfortable and less frustrated to take the traditional approach by booking a travel agent or wholesaler. As there are few commissions to be made for air travel, you will probably find many companies are not willing to book just your air trave but may ask to book your Saba hotel or diving reservations as well. In some cases, you may find these travel agents and tour operators still can find you considerable airfare savings between $100-$200 per person. We'd just like to see you on Saba whichever route you choose in booking. We feel it's our responsibility to provide you with all of the available options since over the years we've found our best customers are those who make an informed decision.