Torsten Glocke
was born and raised in Germany and dreamed of scuba diving since he was a child. A clever guy who tinkered with computers since childhood, he built a successful IT company. Along the way he met Bettina, a verterinarian assistant. Their mutual successes allowed them to regularly travel. But once they got a taste for scuba diving, the many islands of the Maldives becme their favorite destination.

Deciding there are some things you just can't go back to when you get older, they both became dive instructors. Torsten and Bettina finished their work contracts, closed up their home, and took their first opportunity to work in the archipeligo of stop was Saba.

This multi-talented guy is also Sea Saba's IT guy. In his second year with Sea Saba, Torsten was promoted to being one of our boat captains. Look forward to Torsten's unique laugh and the fruits of his labor. You will receive a dive log at the end of your Sea Saba trip--designed by Torsten.

Meanwhile, Torsten's wife Bettina can be seen in the Sea Saba office helping to keep things organized as well as the occassioinal pet assistance. Her energetic doubles may also be spotted at Restaurant Eden, the local ferry/freight company or teaching Tae Boe!