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Same nation,,,same ocean.  That's about all that Saba and St. Marten have in common. As a major Caribbean hub and presently the only way to access Saba, many of our Saba travelers do spend time on 'the big island' whether by default or by choice.  

You will see two different spellings of Sint Maarten/Saint Martin.  Sint Maarten is the Dutch side and Saint Martin the French side. To not offend anyone, for the purposes of this webpage, we'll use the airline code "SXM" while referring to the world's smallest island that is divided between two sovereign powers.  The friendly 'boundary' (a mere road sign) is the result of numerous wars between European powers in the 17th century.  


(courtesy St. Maarten Tourist Board)

If you are a diver and you are going to be in SXM, Saba needs to be on your "Must Do" list!  See our "Getting Here" page to plan the logistics.  The best way to enjoy a short Saba trip whether you're coming over for the day, spending the night or adding on another week, is to get in the water in SXM.  Although SXM is more known as a typical tourist island focusing more on boating, beaches, and casinos, there is a core of individuals looking to preserve the natural environment.  The Nature Foundation of St. Maarten is in the infancy stages of developing a marine park in SXM.  At last count there were 12 dive shops on the island--some specialize in different activities....Dive a wreck, buy duty-free dive gear, witness a shark feed or just do a check out dive.  You may simply choose a shop that's close to your hotel but if you're looking for something special, we suggest you find Kurt--read on...
Four-year Sea Saba veteran Kurt Trennert (the only kid at school that could spell his last name both forward and backward) continues to be a Sea Saba asset.  Opting for a nightlife sabbatical, Kurt now shows the best of SXM underwater to the many divers flowing through Dive Adventures, a division of AquaMania Watersports.  Laid back and quiet describes Kurt, a native Chicagoan.  Many of John's favorite macro subjects were first spotted by Kurt's keen eye on Saba.  Now John is donning his camera and dive gear to shoot Kurt's finds in SXM.  His most recent find is four different-colored  frogfish on a small reef!!  If you look closely at this photo taken in early May, you can see the name sake "long lure" extended and ready to snag a next meal.  "Cousin Vinny" Agosta (now that's Italian!), another former Saba instructor is now managing Aqua Mania's diving center.  Vinny's never too busy to help you out or share a joke.   

Visiting Saba from other islands keeps getting easier!

Email Lynn for the specifics of coming to Saba for just one day from St. Maarten, St. Barth's, Anguilla or Statia, our neighboring islands.  November 2002:  Getting to Saba from St. Barth's and Anguilla is not as easy as St. Maarten, but doable.  See "Visiting St. Barth's" webpage for all the details.  Sea Saba is pleased to announce a new alliance with an affordable hotel on the island of Anguilla--some say this flat island just 35 miles from Saba has the world's finest beaches.  Go to "Visiting Anguilla", our even newer webpage for more details, a site map and photos.  So if you're concerned about no beach on Saba--there are plenty of options close by and easier than you may think!

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Cousin Vinny, aka, "The King"

Vinny Agosta manages Dive Adventures on St. Maarten.  Vinny lived on Saba for two years and is now a 10-year resident of St. Maarten.  As manager of St. Maarten's preferred dive center and a colleague of the Sea Saba team, Vinny keeps us up-to-date so that we can offer you the latest news about the happenings of St. Maarten's diving scene.   

Meet me at
Booth #545 @
Beneath the Sea

Rendezvous w/Vinny in Jersey    Blue Ocean Refit   Meet Mark

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Mark Russel on the dock @ Aquamania




























Sep 2006--It's off season so Vinny is off vacationing with friends in Italy while owner Mike and the guys are doing annual maintenance to be ready for the high season ahead.

Aug 2006--Ok, we've missed a few months...Mikey is now captaining The Edge, Aquamania's high-speed ferry to take you to Saba.  So you can still talk diving with him, on the way back after your great day on Saba

Aug 2005--After 12 years Kurt finally found his Pipehorse--a fish considered RARE in the Paul Humann Fish Guide Book (page 373).  This strange creature is considered pelagic so to see it on a reef is unusual.  Kurt found it on Little Bay in early August.  Sorry, no photo but if you look it up in a book, you'll see it's a mix of a seahorse and a pipefish.  Nice find!

Jun & Jul 2005--New faces at Aquamania...Vinny's team has added Woody, a worldly Brit most recently diving in Thailand and Michel, a French passport holder who grew up in Aruba.  Join Woody and Michel--their enthusiasm will make you smile underwater as well as above.

May 2005--If you go with the right guide and avoid the cruise ship crowd, you can find some interesting things on St. Maarten reefs...noteworthy for any dive site in the Caribbean, Kurt recently found a Whitenose pipefish at Hens and Chicks and another one at Charlie Shoals.  This master critter finder states he regularly finds small ones at Creole Rock as well.

April 2005--Did you miss Kurt's surprise party?  Well, you can still surprise him by telling him you're sorry you missed out.  Our core team of Kurt and Mano have both been with us for more than 5 years.  Like us, you'll enjoy their slow and steady manner both above and below the water.  Kurt's blue eyes are the best at spotting unusual creatures at our dive sites.  And, Mano is just one of a kind...

March 2005--Join me in Jersey to hear all the latest of what's going on in St. Maarten.  I'll be with Lynn and John at the Sea Saba booth #545 at The Beneath the Sea Show.  The show runs all weekend (March 19, 20 and 21) at The Meadowlands.  It's a great place to check out the latest in dive gear from local dive shops and manufacturers as well as talking to the many dive resorts from around he world.  Hope to see you there!

February 2005--The only way to keep our dive boats (34' and 44') in the condition you expect is to do regular maintenance.  Blue Ocean has had more than a paint job.  Mike and Jeff have been busy making it one of St. Maarten's finest dive boats.  A new inboard Yanmar with V-drives makes the vessel more comfortable.  A head has also been installed for our divers' convenience. 

January 2005--The new year finds us with a new addition to our team.  Mark Russel joins the AquaMania staff and brings with him years experience in the scuba industry.  As a PADI instructor, Mark started his career in his native British waters but soon headed to warm water stops of The Red Sea, Honduras, Bahamas and Tahiti.  He is a PADI Open Water Instructor as well as an Enriched Air/Nitrox instructor with PADI and TDI.  In addition, he's an accomplished videographer.  When he's not teaching or out on the reefs, Mark likes to cool out on one of St. Maarten's 24 beaches.  Stay tuned; we'll soon be offering to mail you a DVD Mark is helping us produce.

October 2004--Cousin Vinny is off to Houston.  A former New Yorker, Vinny isn't sad to check out a new city but his true purpose is to attend the annual international Diving Equipment Manufacturer's Association (DEMA) convention, representing the island of St. Maarten/St. Martin and Dive Adventures.  The trade show keeps professional dive centers up-to-date on the latest happenings in the industry from equipment trends to PADI Training updates.  And, the restaurant scene isn't bad either!

September 2004--It's normally the slowest month of the year so we use this time to rotate staff vacations and re-energize for the season ahead.  Vinny visted family in Brooklyn; Kurt off to family in Chicago and Denver...Earlier in the summer Manno returned to the Caribbean's nature island Dominica.

August  2004--Get wrecked on St. Maarten!  Well, that's always been an easy option at any of the many watering holes.  But now divers can easily reach a 100' artificial reef, The Porpoise.  The Porpoise is an intriguing dive for the first time wreck diver or the most jaded.  Coral and sponge growth is being monitored both by local dive shops and curious Southern stingrays and the occasional Spotted eagle ray.   The shallowest part of the wreck lies in just 45' (14m) with the deepest area in only 85' (25m).  The vessel was a tug boat used around St. Maarten and its neighboring islands for many years.  She has been  lying dormant in St. Maarten's lagoon since Hurricane Luis in 1995.  Through the coordinated efforts of Dive Adventures and Dive Safaris, the two leading dive centers on St. Maarten, the rights to the vessel were obtained.  Together the two dive shops provided funding, manpower and supplies to properly clean and properly sink The Porpoise

July 2004--Yes, there's real diving and real dive shops on St. Maarten.  Once again, Dive Adventures 'raises the bar' in St. Maarten by offering nitrox.  Like Sea Saba, Dive Adventures has purchased a membrane system from Nuvair, the leader in cutting edge Nitrox technology.  Nuvair's' patented DNAx« nitrox hollow fiber permeable membrane system produces safe, reliable nitrox breathing gases without the dangers of oxygen blending systems.  Dive Adventures offers affordable certification courses for enriched air/nitrox and tank fills at just $8/tank.

Old News but still Good News--You can still come to Saba 50% off!  Book 5 dives with Dive Adventures to dive in St. Maarten and they'll give you a 50% discount on the Edge Ferry to Saba!  Contact Debby for details or stop in their shop @ Pelican once you arrive...

This page last updated on 09/22/2006 from our Windwardside office.


















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