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For some, the term "All Inclusive Resort" conjures ideas of expansive lobbies, recreation options from golf to tennis, a choice of restaurants on the property, and of course 5-star service.  For others, the term "All Inclusive Resort" makes one's skin crawl thinking of a place you never leave for the week, necessitating guards and overpriced, cutesy theme events.  You won't find any of the above on Saba--although there are a few advertised (read 'Misuse' below).  Part of the charm of Saba is to enjoy the old world charm of our narrow roads and stone walkways, the natural beauty found everywhere--fabulous topside scenery, interesting architecture, proud homes with immaculate gardens, sincere locals.  Along with this natural charm belongs the innocence of an unspoiled culture and rugged beauty--not manicured gardens or imported themes to make the traveler feel more at home.  Instead you will feel you have always belonged here.  Comfortable but a slower pace; modern but intriguing.  Welcome to Saba!

Some reasons why "All Inclusive" just ain't necessary...

Security Concerns    Budget Planning    Conveniently Located   "All Inclusive" Misuse    Map of Saba

Divers often choose an "all inclusive dive resort" based on accessibility and convenience of getting to the dive boats.  If you've never been to Saba before, it's hard to understand the logistics created by the dramatic beauty of Saba.  This website page is specifically created to help the first time visitor to Saba understand the layout of this special island and to understand why the words "All Inclusive" are so incomprehensible to team with "Saba".  After reviewing this page, you should be better suited to choose a dive package to best suit your style, budget and needs.  Allow us to address the issues of security, budget planning, and convenient locations in order to dispel any misconceptions you might have about Saba.

Security Concerns.  There's no crime on Saba so there's no need to feel you must book a property where you are "in a compound" for protection--this style of property simply is not found on Saba because it's not necessary.

Budget Planning.  Sampling Saba's quality restaurants is fun!  Why book an "all inclusive" package when you can instead enjoy a variety of quality restaurants in different locations with varied menus at reasonable prices?  Seemingly only if you are mislead.  In essence, you can eat at a variety of good quality restaurants on Saba for $10-18/night for the entree.  Of course, starters, desserts and drinks can always create a larger bill.  Another option is to book a hotel room with a kitchen or rent a charming cottage to enjoy meals in your own home.  Go to the Dive Packages with Hotels and Private Cottages on this site to view all preferred properties on Saba for any style or budget. 

"Conveniently Located"  Whether you stay at a guest house in the village of The Bottom, a villa in Troy Hill or a hotel in Windwardside, all accommodations on Saba require a taxi transfer (14-passenger airco'd van) to get to the island's only harbor to go diving (located at the Fort Bay).  When we label a property on Saba "conveniently located" this tag is in reference to the islands main village of Windwardside where dining, shopping, and hiking trail access is easily accomplished on foot--basically about 4 square blocks or one square half kilometer.  Getting to diving from Windwardside is a taxi transfer of approximately 20 minutes.  Now this is not to say you should only stay in Windwardside!  There are a number of excellent properties outside of Windwardside; it's just important to understand where these other properties are located in proximity to Windwardside as you will doubtlessly want to venture here during your stay. 

"All Inclusive Resorts"  Saba's largest "hotel" has just 15 rooms--so we feel the word "resort" is certainly misused when describing any Saba property.  There are a number of Saba properties that offer lodging, meals, have a swimming pool and bar on the property as well as offering other services or the possibility to arrange them.  To label these properties as an "all inclusive resort", we feel is misleading.  We want to be sure you are not expecting properties like Sandals or a Divi Resort which are only possible with large volumes of tourists.  The entire village of Windwardside isn't even as big as most "5 star, all inclusive resorts;  yet, it has all you need:  two banks, a few 'super' markets, an internet cafe, 7 restaurants, each with a bar, art galleries, a number of interesting shops, a museum, day spa, wellness studio and our dive center and retail shop.  We are confident you won't feel you are missing any home conveniences, but feel you should understand everything on Saba is a bit smaller and different.  For example, our neighborhood internet cafe has computers and internet access at 'high speed' compared to everyone else on Saba...but, it's more than likely far slower than what you are used to, there's no great coffee or Danish pastries and it's $5.00 per half hour...Sea Saba wants our divers to have an excellent holiday.  We feel its important to give you thorough and accurate information so that your expectations are in line with reality.  As an analogy, you won't see photographs of manta rays and whale sharks advertised on our brochure or on the home page of our website.  Certainly we love to see them and have on several occasions, but we don't want you to expect to see them.  We hope you appreciate our honest approach to our marketing.

In line with our concern that your dive trip is great from all perspectives, we offer our advice and services to help you book accommodations that realistically meet your expectations.  Start with the Dive Packages with Hotels and Private Cottages page of our website.  We'll email you the latest rates.  Narrow it down to a few properties for us and ask us questions.  We'll provide customized pricing, availability and suggestions--all in good timing. 


This following map is temporary.  We hope to soon be able to give you a better, more detailed, three dimensional picture to better visualize our special island. 

# on Map Property Walking Distance to Windwardside
1 Cottage Club In Windwardside; 3 min to main road
2 Cranston's Antique Inn 60 minutes
3 Ecolodge Rendezvous 10 min down; 20 min up
4 El Momo Cottages 10 min down; 15-20 min up
5 Juliana's Hotel In Windwardside; 3 min to main road
6 Queen's Gardens Resort 80 minutes
7 Saba's Treasure In Windwardside on main road
8 Scout's Place In Windwardside on main road
9 The Gate House 60 minutes
10 Willard's of Saba 15 minutes down; 25 up


This page last updated on 11/23/2007 from our Windwardside office.


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