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In Novemeber 2000 the major training agencies (PADI, NAUI, IANTD, TDI, ANDI among others) met at a workshop sponsored by Diver's Alert Network ("DAN") in Raleigh, North Carolina, to reach a consensus about core training and diving issues related to Nitrox diving. Several issues were resolved and reported at DEMA 2001 in New Orleans in January 2001.

The major issue was related to the maximum oxygen partial pressure allowed in recreational diving.  A maximum PO2 of 1.6ATM was accepted based on its history of use and scientific studies. 

In line with these recommendations Sea Saba continues to offer 32% mix for all its dives.  This also allows for a 'best mix' scenario whether diving Saba's famous pinnacles at 110-130ft (32-40m) or a shallower choice.  The mix allows us to maximize our extended bottom times, while  minimizing our exposure to nitrogen and oxygen loading and DCS risk--as well as having the flexibility to change dive site plans if conditions so dictate.

Further information on the findings of this workshop can be found in DAN's complete report found on DAN's website.

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