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"Do you need to go on vacation when you live in paradise?"

There have been many an anecdote written about travel and its virtues.  For us, it's simple.  Over the years, our lives changed from divemasters to business owners.  Though we now work more behind the scenes than on the boats, our love for diving and nature remains at the core of Sea Saba.  We plan one main trip per year and manage a few short ones, normally as "add ons" to one of the trade shows we do as part of the business.  These travels inspire us to share our knowledge and do our part to protect what is special on Saba and elsewhere.  From a business perspective, we often realize new ideas to improve our business as well as being reminded the value of providing the best possible service to our guests.  Leaving Saba also rejuvenates us.  We are reminded what a special place Saba is with its protected conservation measures, no crime status and simple things like no mosquitoes.  Being on the other side as a tourist is also healthy; again, a reminder that our customers, like us, work hard to achieve time off to travel.  It is therefore our obligation as a dive center and as human beings to provide the best trip possible for you.

Since 1989, Saba is our home; Sea Saba is our life.  During this time, we have introduced others to the beauty of the sea and shared this special island with many.  Photography has always been at the core of our journey.  Many ask how we can continue to live on a 5-square mile island.  Easy:  We evolve; Saba continues to inspire us.  This special part of our website is intended to be more than just photos of Saba.  It's a photo journal of what we appreciate about Saba and Mother Earth.  Sharing our thoughts and photography in this way will hopefully make more people determined to enjoy and protect our planet.  

Below you will find some of our favorite Saba pics.  Click on any image to enlarge it, read some interesting facts and notes about it and link to additional images.  We have ventured to find some of these same creatures in other paradises, to learn more about them, the perils that face them and their importance to our planet.  A number of additional links are provided to view the images "From Our Travels".  More links coming soon!

Underwater Images From Saba...

Longsnout Seahorse Sargassumfish Redlip Blenny Spotted Snake Eel

Longlure Frogfish Yellowhead Jawfish Bottlenose DolphinConey   Nassau Grouper  

Coming soon...Sharks, Marine Mammals, Coral Textures,   Seascapes and more...

Land Based Images From Saba...

Tree Frog Baby Red-billed Tropicbird A View From Windwardside  

Iguana Nesting Red-Billed Tropicbirds






All images ©John Magor Photography and Sea Saba Dive Center or as otherwise noted.  No image to be used for any purpose or in any format without permission.  Quality prints on archive standard paper available $30-$50, size dependent.  High resolution digital images on a contract basis only.  Contact us for permission and procedures.

This page last updated on 05/31/2006


A method to our madness...

If you've read our bio, then you know the gypsy part of John.  What we didn't disclose in the bio is that when Lynn (the more business minded) put together the deal structure for the purchase of Sea Saba, John's only concern was how he can be a business owner but not take away his ability to see the world.  Making something you love in to a business always has the risk of losing that love.  So there's always been a reason for us to employ the best crew possible...when we leave on 2-3 week trips twice per year, Sea Saba continues to run seamlessly.  

"Where do you go on vacation when you live in paradise?"

Our plans in 2006...

April 2006--The inspiration (and time) to start this section of the website began after visiting Ranairo--a frog research center in Monteverde, Costa Rica.

This summer we will spend 3 days with the Puffins of Machias Seal Island, Maine, USA.  We also have a day planned to meet up with our customers Pat and David Buccello, the Chief Park Ranger of Accadia National Park.

After DEMA in Orlando...we'll tke 5 days to meet up with eco author Bill Belleville to explore a Florida river and then a day of bat photos w/Dr. Allyson Walsh of Lubee Bat Conservancy Foundation in Gainseville, Florida.  





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