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This page shows a small sample of blennies you can find in Saba and throughout the Caribbean.  These fish normally range from 1-3 inches in length.   To give you an idea of just how many blennies are in the Caribbean, let alone other oceans, Paul Humann's Fish Identification book has more than 5 pages dedicated just to blennies.  To distinguish one from the other, pay attention to their fins, normally the best indicator.

Michael is more known on Saba for his incredible menu at his restaurant The BrigadoonThe Brigadoon is open for dinner only and closed on Tuesdays, allowing Michael to take advantage of diving when the weather suits him.  Our crew's Monday Night presentation utilizes the same big screen where you can enjoy a full slide show of Michael's images most nights--just ask!  Our friendship with Michael (and wife Tricia) expands beyond food and diving--we're almost "in laws".  Seneca and Cooper spend plenty of time together on regular workouts with Michael as well as sleepovers.



this page still under construction--bear with us while we get the Latin names in place...

Redlip Blenny

Redlip Blenny
Ophioblennius atlanticus

Saba's waters are home to many members of the blenny family (Blennidae). As you can see, the redlip blenny is distinguished by its blunt head and is appropriately named with its large red lips. These little guys are very common, and are frequently found peering out at you from their favorite hiding places such as the azure vase sponge seen here.


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All images ©John Magor Photography and Sea Saba Dive Center or as otherwise noted.  No image to be used for any purpose or in any format without permission.  Quality prints on archive standard paper available $30-$50, size dependent.  High resolution digital images on a contract basis only.  Contact us for permission and procedures.

This page last updated on 04/23/2006

Photo Notes and Tips

Photographing these skittish fish can be equally challenging.  John's Redlip Blenny in the sponge is more a story of courtship than luck.  He spotted this unusual domicile of a blenny at Man O' War Shoals.  Having the advantage of being a local dive guide, he was able to visit her many times, developing a bit of trust along the way.  When his day off finally coincided with good weather, his housed Nikon F3 with a 105 mm macro lens was the correct tool to be able keep a distance of about 18 inches (.5 meters) to photograph her without disturbing her.  Taking a full roll of 36, he was able to obtain the perfect pose and exposure.  

More Brawn than Brains?

The Sail Fin Blenny is not so difficult to photograph, unless you'd like to capture its lovely sail fin in full display. Sail fin blennies normally only show off their beautiful manes when exhibiting courting rituals with a female or to fend off another intrusive male in his territory.  With the use of a mirror, Michael was able to trick this stud in to thinking he had an intruder. 

UK based Diver Magazine found blennies captivating enough to do an entire piece on them.  Although the article is from June 2002 the information is still valid.  Check their on-line version for more photos of blennies as well as their photo tips.



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