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At Sea Saba, we recognize that the best measure of our success is how well we keep the customers satisfied. At the same time, we also know that a dive operation's success can be accurately gauged by the number of happy repeat visitors that keep coming back for more. Indeed, repeat visitors are our favorite customers because we know up front that they're arriving happy and all we have to do is keep them that way; but just the same we know we have to continue to work hard to please them!

On both counts, we feel we're doing well and we've included some of the many comments and e-mail messages we've received so you can judge for yourself. Please note that those customers for which we've included an e-mail address have indicated a willingness to share their Saba and Sea Saba experience... so feel free to drop them a line if you've got any questions.

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Karl H. Homann <homannk@admin.gmcc.ab.ca> of Edmonton, Alberta writes:

"Though it has been nearly 4 weeks since our return from Saba, I still dream of the most wonderful vacation I had there at Juliana's and with Sea Saba. The return to reality has not been and still is not easy. The whole arrangement you have ... staying at Juliana's, the pick up in the morning, the boats, the equipment, the dive sites, the relaxed way of handling things, the responsible way of looking for safe dive sites, the individual help and attention of dive master (Steve) and instructor (Ed), their quiet competence, Sue's friendliness and yours, your efficiency ...  for a novice like me, they all inspire trust and confidence and make the first open water diving experience a most pleasurable and rewarding one that makes me want to return, not only to dive, but to dive Saba..."

David J. Flook writes:

"The time Tamie and I spent on Saba was great. The diving was good and the people of Sea Saba and Saba in general are terrific. I think that Saba and Nova Scotia are now tied, in my book, as [having] the nicest people on earth...  Our trip was easy, friendly, and relaxing. The whale breaching was a once in lifetime thing also. We hope to some day return, and spend more time. A week is really too short. But a week is better than not ever seeing Saba at all".

Piet van der Hoorn <pvdhoorn@wxs.nl> from The Netherlands writes:

"I think Saba is a great dive destination and your place is very well organized. We dove with a lot of pleasure and hope to come back sometime".

Dean E. Wilcox writes:

"Thank you and the others again for a great time, Oliver & Sue were a pleasure to dive with as well as expert tour guides. Our 2 favorite dives where Shark & Man of War Shoals; the visibility and marine life was spectacular, although, Babylon is where the Spotted Eagle Ray was seen. In addition, the accommodations were more than comfortable at Juliana's. The views were incredible. They made our morning and evening visits breathtakingly beautiful."

Chandler Zillman <a0010640@airmail.net> writes:

"Thanks to you for all your hard work and effort with regards to transportation and Winair. Outstanding! You guys run a first class op! Wish I could have stayed longer (next time!). Take care of my folks for me! And have a wonderful day! Oh! Thank Freddy and everyone at Winair for me! Hope to return in May or June!"

John Ison <jison@pathcom.com> writes:

"Lynn... Just a note of thanks for another lovely experience in Saba. The diving was just what the doctor ordered for Jill and me and a great learning experience for Nick and Taylor. Your efforts to accommodate them, your loot bag and the interest of your super crew members made it an adventure they will relish for many years... Again, thanks to you, John, Sioban, Gord, Olly, Philip, Harriet and all the hospitable folks in Saba."

Millard T. Hennessee writes:

"Just a note to thank you for all you did. This was one of the best vacations we have ever had on Saba or elsewhere in a long time! Please tell everyone that we did not have one bad experience with either the captain, Ollie for almost every day, or dive guides. They were all terrific. The house was, how would you say this; a rainbow every day."

David Sinks writes:

"To everyone at the Sea Saba Dive Center, Thanks a million for your hospitality during our visit to Saba.  I really enjoyed the excellent Diving and working with your superb staff."

David B Nagel writes:

"On behalf of Bruce Correll, Kay Carney and the Nagel's, let me say thank you for a wonderful diving experience and great accommodations. Both Ollie and Siobhan were great and attended to our every need. We have discovered Saba and will surely be back. Discovering Saba spice is worth it!!!!!!! Give our best to Kodiak."

Jim Johnson <jrjhome@mindspring.com> writes:

"We have finally returned home after a great third week on our vacation. The second time around on the Poly was every bit as good as the first. I just wanted to drop a quick note to once again thank you and all your staff for the very enjoyable time we had diving with you. The expertise, enthusiasm, and genuine friendliness was great and certainly made the time we were able to spend on Saba some of the most enjoyable time we have ever had.  I can't imagine not returning frequently as we enjoyed everything about your chosen home. Sea Saba is a first class operation..."

Richard Guest writes:

"I have finally recovered sufficiently from the shock of returning to work to send you a note. All five of us really enjoyed our week in Saba and the diving with your organization was really super. Thanks to all the management and staff for making it a memorable week. I was especially impressed with the way that the reefs have been preserved without damage and the support you provide for conservation..."

Nancy J. Phillips writes:

"Just wanted you to know what a great time we had on Saba. I got my underwater photos today and they are great. Thanks for dropping off the fins to Scout's Place. My friend was thrilled with her Saba Heart charm. Thanks again to Jean for opening up Saturday afternoon. Only on Saba. You can be assured we will return again. Thanks again to Steve and Kurt. They couldn't have been better dive masters. See you all again soon."

Nancy Sack writes:

"Wanted all of you to know I had a fantastic vacation! It was exactly what I was looking for. The way you run Sea Saba should be an example to all dive operations. I felt completely relaxed and well taken care of, the pace was right on the money. Of course the minute I got back to the US things were as hectic as ever and I only had my tan to remind me of the Saba state of mind. I have told many people about Saba, sorry and have spurred some interest especially with my pictures of the rock. I would love to come back to Saba it was fabulous."

Patty Schwarze <sugarmil@totcon.com> writes:

"The diving was great, the hospitality way above and beyond the call, and once again the island shared it's magical qualities. Thanks to you and John and all your staff for indulging all our whims - it isn't always easy, I know. Max has memories for life and hopefully diving will be with him for years to come."

David from Lambda Divers, Inc. in Chevy Chase, MD writes:

"On behalf of the members of Lambda Divers, I would like to thank you for a wonderful week on a beautiful island, exciting diving and great people (hugs and kudos to Sue). I am headed your way right now... well, in my dreams so to speak. You have a great operation there. I felt safe but not smothered."

Barbara Price from the MWCA Club writes:

"What a great week we had with you all. You run a first class operation (I've seen many) and it made our trip so easy and enjoyable. Everyone had a great time and we have 4 brand new divers who will always remember this as their first wonderful experience. Your staff is terrific! Manta rays! Oh yeah, I'm sure we'll be back..."

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